No Subtitles, No Dubbing


Improve Your Storytelling


Reach A Wider Audience

We enhance the viewing experience of your audience watching international films and TV series.

Your Audience Demands A Better Viewing Experience

Problems with Subtitles

Audiences don’t want the hassle of reading subtitles.  Many subtitled films and TV shows vary in the quality of their subtitles, sometimes the words are lost in the movie background.  Also, reading subtitles can take longer than a scene allows and often there is a mistranslation of the native language.

Audiences want to hear their own language while watching international films and TV series.


Here is an example of a subtitled foreign film.

Amplify Storytelling with ATR.

New Scene using ATR Technology

What would happen if audiences could watch an international film or TV series with no subtitles, no dubbing, keeping all the original sound, music, voice dialect with complete mouth/lip sync movement, and all in the audiences own language.


Watch the new and improved scene.

ATR – Adapt Translation Replacement

Technology in action with a patented process that uses new voiceover dialogue that when pronounced matches the lip movements of the original actor-measured in fractions of a second.  This is no trivial task. Now, translated dialogue is no longer constrained by facial gestures and movements of the body, even when those are not the customary accompaniment of the words spoken in the targeted language.


View the superior detail and quality in the process.

ATR - Adapt Translation Replacement

Larger Audiences and New Markets

Greater Reach

This new format will allow international film and TV series producers to distribute to a much larger audience in traditional theatrical venues, cable network and TV, DVD, and Blu-ray sales as well as all forms of digital distribution.