Adapt Entertainment is an independent film company in the business of acquiring international language films and TV series and using its proprietary patented technology.

Darryl C. Marks is the founder of Adapt Entertainment and the co-inventor of this patented technology.

This new format will allow international language film and TV series-producers to distribute films to a much larger audience in traditional theatrical venues, cable network and TV, DVD and Blu-ray sales as well as all forms of digital distribution.

Adapt Entertainment uses its proprietary patented technology, the process that takes foreign language films and TV shows using all the original music and sound but replaces all the original language dialogue with their native language. Original film actors or replacements will be used as voice overs using the original screenplay dialogue recited in their native language while using special effects altering mouth and face movements with the help of new computer graphic imagery techniques to coincide with the original actors film on the screen.

We meet the demands of your audiences to watch a international film and TV series with no subtitles, no dubbing, keeping all the original sound, music, movement, feeling, voice dialect but listen to the dialogue in their own language.